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The story behind the photo
By //March 14, 2018

I’ve heard tell that White Pocket is an alien landscape and a photographer’s paradise, and after visiting I’d have to say that it’s absolutely true. I was fortunate even enough to spend a weekend at White Pocket back in November of last year with my good friend and awesome photographer, Jeff Larson. We set out to spend 3 days at White Pocket for a weekend of exploring this odd & unique place and it was quite the experience!

There were several other rumors that I heard about WP and each was more intriguing than the last. Rumors from the quality of the the adventurous road to tales of otherworldly rock formations & bizarre color palettes – I had to go! One of the most fascinating things that I had heard however was about the “Salmon Light” as described by Sean Baghaw (He wrote an awesome piece about it, click here to read!). During short windows of the day, the landscape begins to glow and has a gorgeous pink/red hue to it. It was definitely something I had yet to experience. I can attest that all of this, and more, is true.

The weekend in WP turned out to be quite the roller coaster ride, too. I had recently got a new tripod and I was oh so excited to use it, but I think I was too excited because I ended up making a big mistake.. During the first spot I was shooting at for sunset, I quickly set up my rig and got everything ready to go, but apparently I didn’t secure my camera in the tripod properly. Well, long story short, my camera fell right out of my ball head and tumbled a few times down a cliff. My heart sank to my stomach and I was frozen in shock, but after I snapped out of it I quickly rushed down to see what was broken. To my surprise, the only thing that was really “broken” was full functionality of the zoom on my wide angle, and my screen was a little crooked. Otherwise, it was completely functional! Team Nikon FTW!! Pictured below is the battle wound.

Dropping my camera was probably the biggest and most unfortunate event of the weekend. The rest of our time was spent chasing light, searching for compositions and just enjoying some solitude in the beautiful Desert Southwest. We were lucky enough to get some great light during our sunsets & rises, especially on our last night when things went full nuclear (see my “Continuum” photo).

I really wanted to come away from WP with unique photos that would coincide with a vision that I have been pursuing for the last year or so now in effort to define myself and establish my photographic style. I have been steadily transitioning my imagery to have what I like to call a “Hyper Real” look, hence the name of the gallery. Dramatic light, vibrant colors, surrealistic views and dreamy imagery are the qualities that I am striving to capture & draw away from the natural world. I hope that my small White Pocket gallery will help give you a feeling to what it was like to be in this strange and breathtakingly beautiful place.




“The Hypnotist”


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